What is SafeLOC

SAFELOC - America’s #1 Portable, Durable, Safety Door Lock

Patent # US 6,926,316 B2


SAFELOC is the ultimate portable door lock designed by VIP Bodyguard to the Rich and Famous and America’s Leading Personal Safety Expert - Tom Patire, for added security and safety for his family, BUT NOW SAFELOC is available for you and yours!


Solid 100% U.S. Steel

Any door, any where, any time

For added safety and security

Every person should have one

Lifetime guarantee

Only one of its kind

Can be used on doors with or                 without locks



  • Students 

  • Single People

  • Parents/Grandparents

  • Seniors

  • Loved Ones Living Alone

  • Traveling Business Personnel

  • Employees Alone At The Office

  • Anyone Who Wants An Extra Layer Of Safety & A Portable Piece Of Mind 



  • Front Doors

  • Back Doors

  • Bedroom Doors

  • Basement Doors

  • Dormitory Doors

  • Hotel Doors

  • Office Doors

  • Any Standard Size Door