As a leading spokesperson on the subjects of personalized safety and workplace violence prevention, Tom Patire fields many questions at his seminars.

Here are some of the most frequent questions asked about his amazing, lifesaving, portable, patented SAFELOC.



1. What made Tom Patire create SAFELOC?  

One of Tom’s family members was away at college when her dorm room was broken into several times. When he checkout out the door he found her lock and many of the others on campus to be outdated, flimsy and lacking. So Tom came up with the idea of SAFELOC to reinforce the existing lock and give all that use it an extra layer of comfort, safety and security! 



 2. How hard is SAFELOC to install? 

It's as easy as 1 - 2 -3. No installation is need - it hooks onto the strike plate of the door, close the door and then push the button. 


3. Does SAFELOC fit on all doors?

SAFELOC was designed to fit all standard doors in accordance to the dimension that the majority of household, hotel, office and colleges doors are made of. SAFELOC will fit on 95% of all doors according to the top selling door companies in America. SAFELOC is NOT made to fit screen doors.  



4. Does SAFELOC need a key or combination? 

No! Tom Patire designed it to be instant and effortless to attach to any door with or without a lock.   



5. Can SAFELOC damage your door? 

When SAFELOC was being designed the two major concerns was to make sure the lock was strong, durable and lasting (that's why its made of 100% U.S. Steel), and the second concern that it would not damage any door.  So, a soft, non-abrasive durable material was added to the part of SAFELOC that adheres to the door to eliminate any chance of that.


6. What is SAFELOC’s return policy? 

If for any reason SAFELOC doesn’t fit your safety needs just contact usand we will refund you the price of the lock.